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Heal Inflammation > > > Heal Joint Pain, here's howDavid, a good friend, has rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a hideously painful and crippling auto-immune disease. Debilitating joint pain is a feature.

He was diagnosed at age 27. Back then, he was told he’d be in a wheelchair tout de suite (fast), and dead not too long after that. In the meantime, he was prescribed meds to suppress the pain. I guess healing the inflammation as a path to heal joint pain was not considered.

But, geez, there’s some news, eh? Told at 27 you will soon die a slow, painful death, get your ducks in a row.

My friend is not easily convinced, apparently. That was 22 years ago. He’s walking, talking, happily married with children and playing serious-league baseball with kids literally half his age! Against all advice, he refuses to take medication and works out like a fiend. Everyday on his Facebook status, you see he’s checked in at the gym. Relentless.

At first, he tried the pills. Those didn’t work, so he started researching. Al Gore had just invented the internet (ok, I love that joke, I’ll try not to wear it out) so it was not the all-encompassing encyclopedia it is today. David had to actually GO TO THE LIBRARY and read! Which he did. Relentlessly.

Like me and probably many of you, Adele Davis was an early mentor. David changed his diet from SAD (Standard American Diet) to whole, nutrient-dense foods as organically grown as possible.

Over the years, a few things on the menu have changed. He’s now gluten-free, of course. Gluten and joint pain do not mix! I’m not sure exactly what his diet looks like these days, but I’ll bet it’s impressively healthy. Perhaps he’ll do a guest post on the details? (Hint, hint).

Because I asked, David reported that he does still suffer joint pain, and it’s constant. All day, every day. He uses the pain to motivate him and simply refuses to give up or in.


According to the experts, chronic inflammation is the root cause of every disease. Every. Disease. Including those causing joint pain. More specifically, inflammation directly impacts joint pain.

Note that it’s chronic inflammation that’s so bad, not regular. Regular is good. In fact, an acute inflammatory response is needed to heal an injury. Everyday, our cells are damaged by pretty much everything: sun, exercise, illness, a slip and fall, broken heart, food poisoning, indigestion, a cough, etc. When a cell is damaged, inflammation steps in to help heal or repair that cell.

But when there’s too much damage happening all at once, the inflammatory response gets overwhelmed, keeps going and going… then that inflammation can become chronic. Your body is in an inflammatory state all the time. Chronic inflammation is a loss of communication at the cellular level, rendering it unable to repair injury. And allowing for a disease to take hold.

Click here for an excellent Chris Kresser podcast with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker on CIRS: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

Ways to Heal Inflammation to Heal Joint Pain, plus Symptom Relief

As a functional medicine practitioner, my primary goal is to help clients heal their health problems at the root. Symptom relief is job one — we must have symptom relief! — then we move on to actual healing.

The following areas need attention when it comes to healing inflammation and symptom relief. In alphabetical order, click on a topic to go to that section: Collagen, Cream, Diet, Enzymes, Essential oils, Exercise, Lab tests, ProbioticsPre-biotics, and Supplements.

Everything below has helped others. You can do it all eventually, but no need to do it all Day One. Give a go at whatever looks good to you. Keep what works, then try the next thing. Just don’t give up. #berelentless


Grass fed hydrolyzed collagen is excellent for supporting joint health. Your joints and bones (and nails and hair) are made of collagen! Every morning, I put 1 Tbsp of Great Lakes Hydrolyzed Collagen in my coffee. It dissolves instantly, has no taste and doesn’t “gel” so mixes well in tea or smoothies, too.

Of course, the perfect way to get collagen in your diet is to drink/use bone broth. Chock a block FULL of collagen!

You can make your own, Wellness Mama shows you how. Or get the Nourishing Traditions cookbook for $16 — you will be delighted you own this incredible resource, I promise.

If you don’t cook, many local health food stores now make it from grass-fed bones and sell it in the freezer section. There are also lots of places to buy online. For the best suppliers, download the WAPF Shopping Guide app (free for 30 days, then $5.99/year, updated annually, worth every penny). If you don’t use Apple, email me and I’ll send you one. (They are $4 each including mailing.)

Sadly, do not buy canned or dehydrated broth or “bouillon.” Because of the processing, chemicals and additives, it would literally be better to go without. Fortunately, you have collagen options!

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My mom as well as a few friends have used Preventix for joint pain and swear by it, plus it gets RAVE reviews on Amazon.

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Diets Designed to Heal Inflammation

As David and many others have discovered, the Paleo diet is the foundational bomb when it comes to healing inflammation. It comes very highly recommended by fellow sufferers and my Functional Medicine colleagues. The three holistic docs below take Paleo a bit further to make it specific to healing inflammation.

  • According to Dr. Art Ayers, who is hands-down the most-knowledgeable guy on the topic of inflammation, fixing the diet is fundamental. His first post at Cooling Inflammation in 2008 was on diet: “My impetus for writing was my growing awareness that diet was the major reason why people were sick, and that health myths were preventing people from being healthy. Inflammation originated by diet-inflicted injury…” Here’s a good intro article with a link to his anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Then there’s Dr. Terry Wahls. Her book is a phenomenal read, very inspiring. Watch Dr. Wahls tell her story (17 min) about recovering from MS by changing her diet. Outrageous testimony to the healing power of food!

Heberden Nodes

My friend and sister WAPF chapter leader Ellen Ussery shared the following about Heberden Nodes (arthritis in fingers – the kind that leaves your fingers crooked) and gluten.  Her husband, Harvey of The Modern Homestead, was developing Heberden Nodes:

“When my husband eliminated gluten from his diet his [Heberden Nodes] were arrested completely: no more pain!!!! And the two joints did not get any more deformed… After about 15 years they are still the same, just mildly crooked. I did not have the nodes but did have pain that was completely eliminated after going gluten-free, so I suggested that he try it too.”

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Enzymes to Reduce Inflammation

Yep, it all boils down to the gut. Hippocrates is credited with saying, “All disease begins in the gut.” I’m credited with saying, “If it all begins there, it can all be healed there.” Makes perfect sense. In fact, every holistic health practitioner will tell you the same thing: heal your gut first because nothing else can be healed without that foundation!

Until you have a healthy gut, digestive enzymes help you get the nutrients out your food. I take these enzymes formulated by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.

Dr. Gonzalez was a very successful and respected alternative cancer doctor, a WAPF board member and, tragically, one of the 50 holistic doctors who have died mysteriously in the last year. You can read up on his cancer healing protocol here. It’s based on enzyme therapy, read about that here. A brilliant doctor, he saved many lives. It’s terribly sad and unbelievable that he’s no longer with us.

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Essential Oils (EOs)

Essential Oils are all the rage these days for good reason: they offer wonderful support for your body, mind and spirit. After all, aromatherapy has been in use for thousands of years!

To address inflammation using EOs, you’ll mostly be using them topically, as opposed to internally or diffusing. Go here to learn the most efficient ways to use Essential Oils topically.

If you’ll search the phrase “essential oils joint pain” you’ll find a veritable ton of useful information! We wouldn’t be without them.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

EOs cross the BBB (blood brain barrier), whether you are using topically, internally or diffusing. Because of that, I only use and recommend the highest quality EOs. Also, I buy at wholesale prices — you can, too. Go here to find out where and how to purchase high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils at wholesale prices.

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David and I disagree on how much exercise is beneficial (he can write about that in his article, I will link to that here when I have it!) He’s a gung-ho fitness buff, works out hard everyday. This works for him, he thrives on it!

Me? Having been an over-exerciser most of my life, I’m now a fan of the less-is-more idea, particularly if there is any inflammatory and/or auto-immune disease going on. I recommend Tabatas. Anyone, even my 87yo mother, can do a Tabata. Only four minutes at your maximum effort. < < < Click to learn more.

To improve health and fitness, start with one Tabata (4 minutes) 3-4 times a week. That’s it. You can add more Tabatas as your fitness level improves to a max of 5 Tabatas at a time (20 minutes). More than 20 minutes of exercise starts to become counter-productive because of how it affects cortisol, your stress hormone. (A post is coming on this.)

Here’s why you must exercise: you have to get the blood flowing, the breath moving, the heart pumping to keep the nutrients and digestion and detox mechanisms in shape. PLUS — and this is big if you are over 30 — use it or lose it. If you are not doing what you can to keep your muscle strength, it is declining. Decrepitude never sleeps 🙂 Use it or lose it.

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Lab Tests – 3 Recommended

As a functional medicine practitioner, I can order these tests, help you interpret the results and design a protocol to correct any deficiencies. My email and phone number are at the top of every page.

  • An HTMA (Hair Test Mineral Analysis) to see mineral/vitamin status. Requires a snippet of hair and $125. More information on hair tests here and here.
  • A pathogen test to determine if bacteria and parasites are playing a role. Learn more about this test here.
  • A food sensitivity test to discover what you may be reacting to. Even if you eat clean, you may have a surprising food sensitivity that is causing major problems! Learn more about this test here.

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Probiotics support healing by populating your gut with healthy bugs, flora and bacteria. If healing the gut is essential for healing everything else, you need probiotics no matter what the dysfunction.

Now, you can get those good bugs one of two ways: take a supplement or eat homemade sauerkraut every single day.

When I took supplements, I cycled them: 3 months on one brand, then switch to a different brand, using two or three brands in the rotation. You don’t want a monoculture down there! The world of probiotics is rapidly advancing — there are so many new brands with more coming online all the time. People are seeing remarkable results, too.

Here are the brands I currently recommend — I will update as I change brands: Just Thrive, Hyper-Biotics and Ultra-Biotics Advanced.

(If you are prone to UTIs, then take Pro-Women Hyper-Biotics instead of the “plain” Hyper-Biotics. And, if you get frequent UTIs, you might be suffering candida overgrowth. Call me!)

Sauerkraut is much more affordable. Most days, this is how I refurbish my gut. I eat a Tbsp of homemade ‘kraut most everyday day – that’s enough. On days I miss the ‘kraut, I pop a probiotic.

I have 4 jars in my fridge that a friend made (yay). But it’s so easy to make ‘kraut, even I can do it! All you need is salt and cabbage. Plus, you can make jars and jars of it in one afternoon. Stored properly, it lasts forever. Click here for a simple sauerkraut recipe.

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I know, I know: “pre” biotics should come before probiotics, right? Here’s why it can’t: prebiotics help the good gut bugs proliferate. So you gotta have good gut bugs in residence ready to multiply, see? First, you have to load up on probiotics, get a colony going, THEN add pre-biotics and get those babies multiplying.

Here’s my post on pre-biotics: My Heal Your Gut Smoothie, scroll down to “Why Each Ingredient” and read up on resistant starch. In a nutshell, resistant starch (RS) is indigestible fiber. Since it’s indigestible, it sits in your gut and ferments. The fermenting process and resulting mush feeds your gut bacteria and they multiply.

While you have several options when it comes to RS, potato starch is our go-to. When not doing a smoothie, we simply drink it straight up: 4 T in a short glass of water. Tastes like nothing, your gut will thank you.

You don’t want potato flour! Potato starch is different, that’s what you want. Bob’s Red Mill potato starch, while not organic, is made from non-GMO potatoes (I wrote and asked them) and is often found in the grocery store in the baking section or the health food section. If not, it’s cheap here on Amazon. Here’s an inexpensive organic potato starch, too.

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  • Here’s Walter Last’s definitive article on Boron and Arthritis.
  • I have many friends who take 3-6 mg boron everyday. One in particular credits it for removing all pain from her knees in 3 weeks. She and others make her own from 40 Mule Team Borax. It’s practically free, easy to make, perfectly safe: mix a tsp Borax in a quart of water, drink a tsp everyday.
  • DH and I used to make our own from Borax, we now use this. It’s affordable, bio-available, we add it to our homemade electrolyte drink. It tastes nasty on its own, so you’ll want to mix it with something similar, like kombucha. We’ve taken ConcenTrace for years, and just switched it out for the one with additional boron which has all the trace minerals, as well.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The company offers several other formulas heavy on certain other minerals, like Selenium, Mag, Iron, Chromium, etc. If you scroll down a little on the Amazon page, you’ll see them listed. HOWEVER I would only take one of these at a time — you don’t want minerals out of balance! You can find out your mineral status with an affordable hair test — see Lab tests for more info.


Opti-MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane or Sulfur)

  • Walter Last on MSM & DMSO
  • We take 2,000 mg everyday, buy it here, click the “A to Z” tab, then the O, then click Opti-MSM. I’ve talked to the owner of the company a few times regarding the products. They are non-GMO and as pure as possible. Re MSM, I asked about the diff between Opti-MSM and regular MSM (slightly cheaper). I’m going with the Opti because it’s manufactured in the US, it’s trademarked and produced using a different technique which typically produces a slightly higher assayed purity %.
  • Breaking News: sulfur tastes NASTY. We put a half tsp in a shot glass, pour a little kombucha over it and toss back, then chase with a bit more kombucha. Easy, really.
  • If you want to know more on sulfur, go to and search “Seneff”. Dr. Stephanie Seneff has written quite a bit on it. It does so much good for you, we consider sulfur essential now!


  • Working on a post now and will link to that here. The post will be up within 24 hours. If you are subscribed to the blog (do so here), you’ll get an email notification when it’s published.


  • There is talk in the alternative community that RA (and other diseases, like auto-immune and cancer) are based in a virus. So makes sense to take an anti-viral. Here’s what we take.
  • I’ve had the herpes virus ever since I can remember. About 10 years ago, I started taking lysine, took 500mg everyday for 2 years. I used to get cold sores so huge, my husband would name them. Yeah, funny. But, since the end of that 2 year mark, I almost never get an outbreak and, when I do, it’s just a bump on my lip, then goes away. No monster anything and no pain. #grateful
  • I stopped taking it regularly for a few years, still no outbreaks. Even so, we’ve added it back. Seems like there’s a virus under every rock these days…

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Oh, gotta do my disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, I don’t diagnose, treat or cure anything. If I could, I’d cure the FDA of its assault on my first amendment rights. Otherwise, I’m just sharing what I learned online, from my Functional Medicine training and from friends. Thank you for listening!

Please, please, please

Share what else we need to know/recommend. What has worked for you to heal joint pain? What on the list above has NOT worked for you? Thanks — anything you share is greatly appreciated!

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