Since losing 25 pounds, 1.5 pant sizes and 2 bra sizes, friends and family want to know how I did it. Here’s how: a ketogenic diet and a ketone supplement. Both of which I intend to use forever. I am grateful and so happy to have some of my old body back! Plus energy, focus, better sleep and my productivity is sky high.

This makes me a happy girl.

It was not, however, easy or fast. Determined to not be a fat girl anymore, I set out on my current journey 1/1/16. I knew the keto diet from my studies and I was liking what I was reading (and still reading). Why not try it? I’d tried every other diet on the books!

So it began: no sugar, more fat, lots more fat, moderate protein, and VLC (very low carb). I lost 10 pounds immediately. Then the scale sat there for three months. Then I got sick and could not eat for 10 days and lost 12 pounds. Felt better, forgot my resolve, gained it all back. All 22 pounds.

If you’ve read this far, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Gad, that was depressing.

Still determined, I re-committed to keto in July 2016 and lost 10 pounds immediately. You know, the 10 pounds of water weight and toxins, perhaps a little fat? That 10 pounds. Then the scale sat there. Did.Not.Budge.

In September 2016, a friend sent me a trial pack of this ketone supplement. “What the heck is this?” I had all the reservations everyone else has: is it healthy? Is it a gimmick? Will it taste good? Do I have to sell it? Is it expensive? Will I have to drink it forever?

Despite those reservations, I had the one thing I needed to try something completely new: desperation. I’m of a certain age. If I don’t lose my extra weight RIGHT NOW, I could die fat. And I don’t want to. I don’t want to so badly, I started drinking the ketones before I knew the answer to those questions.

You don’t have to wait, here are the answers: yes, it’s healthy — it’s ketone salts, stevia and some flavoring. I’ve examined the ingredients up one side and down the other. I’m satisfied.

Is it a gimmick? No. The keto diet has been around forever… literally. You are born in a state of ketosis. Researchers have been looking at the keto diet for epilepsy, cancer, dementia, auto-immune disease and more for decades. Exogenous ketones (which means ketones that you ingest rather than produce in your liver) have been in the works for years, too. Just like you take Vitamin C and D3 and iodine, now we take ketones.

Yes, it tastes good and there are 5 flavors: orange dream, chocolate swirl, Maui punch, swiss cacao and raspberry lemon.

No, you don’t have to sell it. Me? Part of my job is to find and recommend supplements, books, health improvement formulas and systems, probiotics, chemical-free makeup and household items. Clients come to me to feel better. To lose weight. To regain energy. This is another supplement in my toolbox.

Expensive? I thought so at first. Now, not at all. The gift of desperation is that I was willing to try it anyway. I decided a couple of years ago that I would save money on everything except for what I put in and on my body. That decision is paying off.

I’m going to drink it forever but you don’t have to. Once you reach your goal weight, you can use everyday, sporadically or not at all. Just remember that if you go back to your old way of eating, you’ll go back to your old way of looking. And feeling.

Here’s the #1 reason I’ll keep drinking it forever: the brain health benefits. Did you know that 1 in 8 of us will have some form of dementia by 65? And 1 in THREE by 85? Whoa. Well, ketones are brain food. Yeah, I’ll be drinking this forever as well as staying on the keto diet.

I started drinking the ketone supplement in September 2016. My mentor told me to weigh myself and to take measurements and pictures. I thought measuring myself was dumb but I followed instructions. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to follow instructions from those who have gone before.

By November 2016, I had not lost a single ounce. I have one of those clever scales that tells you EXACTLY how much you weigh.) In fact, I had gained and lost 5 pounds about 5 times. Not lost and regained but GAINED and lost… Net, I was still the weight I was back in September.

I had lost an inch or so, but nothing significant and, dammit, I wanted that scale to move. One day, I’ll let you talk to my mentors… hahahaha, they were so patient with me and I was a demon. A whining demon. “When am I going to lose way-yate?”

Thanksgiving, Christmas, December… I stopped weighing myself. But I kept drinking the ketones because I loved the energy and focus and brain boost. And I was still losing inches. My clothes fit differently. I finally weighed in March 2017 and I’d lost 8 more pounds.

It’s June 2017, 9 months later, and I’ve lost 25 pounds and almost 10 inches, 1.5 pant sizes and 2 bra sizes. Even my shirts are a little too big now. And I feel great.

Another big thing that happened for me is that I am no longer ruled by hunger. Ketones are a natural appetite suppressant. I practice IF (Intermittent Fasting — more on that in a future post) and don’t usually eat my first meal before 1pm. That was really hard before the ketone supplement. Now I can feel hungry and almost never hangry. There is a limit, lol.

If you are interested in the benefits of ketones without the deprivation of the ketogenic diet, read on. The rest of the page tells you about the supplement. It’s “official” info from the creators. If you want to know more or try a sample pack, say the word. My address and phone number are at the top of every page. I’m always ready to talk supplements, brain food and healthy living!



  • Fat Loss
  • Fast and Sustained Energy
  • Reduces Brain Fog
  • Increased Brainpower
  • Increased Focus
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Assists in Abdominal Fat Loss
  • Strength Gain
  • Better Mood 
  • Decrease in inflammation 
  • Better Sleep Better 
  • Better Digestion and Gut health
  • Clear Skin

What is Ketosis? 

Ketosis is a metabolic state where most of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis where blood glucose provides.
Although born in a state of ketosis, most of us become sugar burners, meaning we rely on glucose for brain food and muscle energy production. The problem is that sugar is a fast burning fuel, like kindling. When it’s gone, your body says, “Hey, need more fuel, that donut looks good.”
Ketones, on the other hand, are a slow-burning fuel, like coal. Your brain and muscles both prefer ketones over glucose. A healthier, longer burning fuel…
Ketosis is characterized by serum blood concentrations of ketone bodies over 0.5 millimolar with low and stable levels of insulin and blood glucose. However, with ketone supplementation, ketosis can actually be induced even when there are high levels of blood glucose.
 Keto-adaptation, AKA “becoming a fat burning machine”, occurs when you have shifted your metabolism to relying on fat-based sources, instead of glucose (sugar) sources, as your primary source of fuel. Your body increases fat oxidation and breaks down fats into ketones to be used as the primary energy source. Depending on your current level of carbohydrate intake (takes longer if you’re pretty sugar addicted), this process can take two weeks to six months to fully train your body, but once done, it’s done, and you have achieved fat-burning status that can stick with you for life.

Pruvit is Lab Tested & Doctor Approved & 100% GRAS Safe

Just one dose is enough to get you energy throughout the day. Mental Clarity and Neuro Protection will be improved. Just take a single dose of the formula and in just 59 minutes and with a simple at home test that you can get at your local pharmacy, we will prove beyond all doubt your body’s bio-chemistry is leveraging the power of ketones.

What is Keto-OS?

KETO//OS is your “ketone operating system” it is the First Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market. The proprietary blend is owned by Prüvit and is Dr. Approved, Lab Tested, University-backed and the technology in KETO//OS is patent pending, developed by one of the most world renown Dr.s and experts on Ketosis. Prüvit was the first company approved by University of South Florida to acquire the sublicense rights to use this patent-pending technology.

KETO//OS has a certificate of analysis for purity, consistence and efficacy.

It is a powder that you mix with 8+ oz. of water — actually, I mix mine in 32 oz water. Within 30 minutes, you are in ketosis.

Before Keto OS & After (not me, I’m not ready for the B/A pix!)

What are the Benefits a Ketones?

The benefits of ketones, and ketone supplementation are vast, and as research continues to expand, the list keeps growing. Currently, research support the use of ketones for the following benefits:

✓ Fat loss

✓ Blood sugar balance and enhanced insulin sensitivity

✓ Fast & Sustained Energy

✓ Reduces Brain Fog

✓ Increased Focus

✓ Appetite Suppression

✓ Stength Gain

✓ Better Mood

✓ Better Sleep

✓ Better Digestion

✓ Clear Skin


Just to be clear, you get all of these benefits on a ketogenic diet — the above are benefits of ketones period. When you supplement with ketones, you get these benefits without the deprivation of the keto diet.

Does Keto-OS have any side effects?

There are two possible known side effects to having ketones in your bloodstream, whether you got those ketones via a keto diet or via supplementing ketones. One is loss of electrolytes because of the diuretic effect of ketones, and the second is “digestive distress” (a polite way of say loose bowels).

For the first, the ketone supplement has additional sodium added in the formula to counteract this. We also supplement with a mineral/electrolyte formula, Concentrace (on Amazon), just a few drops in our keto.

For the second, if you suffer some “digestive distress” when you first start drinking ketones, it’s because your body has not yet adapted to consuming increased fats in your diet. You’ll get there!

I recommend that you start slowly — sometimes even a tsp a day — and build up to a full serving per day over the course of a month.  (There are some people who use Keto OS twice a day, but it is totally up to the individual.)


I hope that gave you some good basic info. More questions? Ask away!

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